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After New Years Eve, Vegas hosts some of the largest conventions of 2019

Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Maroon 5, and a host of other megastars will be performing on the Strip on New Years Eve. When 2019 starts, take a look at some of the largest conventions of the year.

Take A Peek: At CES® 2019 in Las Vegas – The Global Stage for Innovation

After the holiday break, the CES signals the busy time of year in Vegas. The media and thousands of Las Vegas dealers, casino and airport personnel, Lyft and Uber drivers, and hotel, restaurant, and all types of service workers wait all year long, as the 180,000 attendees from 150 countries spread out all across the world famous Strip. It’s a chance for CEOs and CMOs to take center stage to reveal their company’s newest, hottest tech products.

Be Bold! Business Development Ideas for Las Vegas Trade Shows, Conferences and Expos

As November winds to its close, there’s a lot of business being done in Las Vegas, even during the Thanksgiving season. Vegas is truly a 24-hour city for pleasure and for business. Over the next few weeks, a host of… Continue Reading…

Swinging Into the October 2018 Convention Scene in Las Vegas

October 2018 conference highlights during the rest of the month in Las Vegas include the enormous IMEX America show, the largest worldwide exhibition for incentive travel, meetings and events held in the United States, as well as the two well-attended… Continue Reading…

Sustainable, environmentally conscious promotional items preferred among Millennials

Think eco-friendly – In choosing promotional items for your company, consider the good that you can accomplish beyond just placing your logo on the side of any giveaway item. Even though economic times are tough for Millennials – now the… Continue Reading…

Fall 2018: Take a peek at Las Vegas’ peak convention season

Whether it’s a peak body or the peak season, Las Vegas doesn’t disappoint! Fall and Spring are the peak seasons for conferences, seminars and large corporate events in Las Vegas and most other parts of the United States. Often, in… Continue Reading…