Booklets and Workbooks

Printed booklets and workbooks help grow your business

Booklets. Who uses them these days? Some people may believe that the power of the printed world has indeed faded. That is far from the truth.

Often, one needs to hold a text in their hands to help make it real. And, when a person wants to take notes on a text, it helps to have the text in black and white before you. Being able to circle and underline and place stars by certain passages helps make a text more memorable and meaningful.

Some of the great ways that printing a booklet, workbook, pamphlet, or program can help grow your business or organization include: training classes and workshops, educational course materials, celebrating people or causes with a full color program at your next special event or gala, and creating quick reference materials so users will know how to use your technical products.

Often, companies, healthcare organizations, state agencies, or homeowners associations are required to provide a copy of their policies and bylaws. Likewise, a Board of Directors often needs to share their reports, notes and latest accomplishments in booklet format for their Board meetings.

Here are a few more ideas.

Here at Minuteman Press Las Vegas West, we can print full color booklets, workbooks, and pamphlets fast. We serve local people, companies, and organizations, and welcome the business of those visiting Las Vegas for a trade shows, meetings, training sessions, sales conferences and special events.

If you have some important material you want to distribute and not much time, we can help.

We can spiral bound, perfect bound or saddle stitch your book and we have a graphic artist who can design an awesome cover for your new creation.

We also print custom catalogs and journals.

Let’s get creative!

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