5 Ways Digital Printing Makes Your Fall Marketing Campaign A Success

When you think printing, you may picture a big machine and long process. Here are 5 ways digital printing makes your Fall marketing campaign a success. Digital technology has improved significantly over recent years.

Digital printing is one of the most useful and cost effective changes that’s come about in many years. It provides more choices, features and flexibility than offset or flexographic printing – the old way of doing things. That’s one the reason why we just got the latest, top-of-the-line Xerox Versant 180 printer (see below) to meet your needs better.

The digital printing production process streamlines your printing job and it opens up many new possibilities. It involves using electronic files, or what’s known in the industry as a data set. You create your artwork on a computer (or we can create it for you) and then you print it directly onto the material of your choice. Because you can call out and use different fields within your spreadsheet (data set), like a person’s first name for example (or their company name), your pieces can be personalized. It’s all an automated process.

Digital printing eliminates the mechanical steps that used to be required in conventional printing, like making films, color proofs, and plates.

Here are 5 additional reasons why digital printing makes sense:

1. Timely: Your printing job can be finished in hours, rather than days since there are fewer steps in the process and the press does all of the heavy lifting. Digital printing is the perfect solution if you need something turned around quickly.

2. Versatile: Digital printing is the ideal method of producing short to medium print runs. The latest Xerox printers, like our new one, have a large media range. This means you can take advantage of all of the latest settings and variations. Digital printing is the best way to print direct mail pieces, personalized letters, short run business cards, labels, invitations, and more. We also can print, fold & staple booklets & programs quickly.

3. High Quality: With digital printing, an image is sent directly to the printer using digital files in PDF. The colors show up perfectly. There are also no problems with ink smudging. The quality of your last printed piece is the same as your first one.

4. Cost Effective: With digital printing, there are minimal set up costs, so we pass along this savings to you. Take advantage of it for shorter print runs – when you require a lot of detail, but you don’t need thousands of copies.

5. Highly Personalized: With Variable Data Printing (VDP), the options are as endless as your imagination. VDP allows you to customize each piece of a printing run, such as the text or the graphics. You may have different sales offices, sales branches or franchise locations, for example. We can create a printing run for you with the same basic message, but with different city names, addresses, maps, contact information – and even photos.

With digital printing, every impression can be different, making digital your best option for creating highly-effective direct mail campaigns. With so much being done via the Internet these days, people appreciate receiving something awesome in the mail for a change. It’s a great way to stand out.

Because of its automated nature, digital printing is great when you need a printed piece to be specific to an event. Using digital printing before or during a trade show – to highlight your latest offerings and new product lines – can make all the difference in the world. Las Vegas is the convention capital of the world. We work with many companies on last minute printing orders and we deliver to all of the major Las Vegas convention centers and hotels.


Give us a call at (702) 478-8587 to discuss your needs, or drop by at 1725 S Rainbow Blvd, Suite 16, in Las Vegas. We’d love to give you a quick demo of our new Xerox digital printer and how it can help make all of your 2018 and 2019 marketing campaigns, special events, and trade shows a huge success.

(Photo credits: Jane Palash and Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

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