What is Inbound Content Marketing?

Question: How can your marketing staff increase the number of qualified leads you generate online?

Answer: By using Targeted Inbound Marketing Campaigns. –

Defining Content Marketing Terms –

Inbound marketing refers to establishing a sale funnel process on your website, directing visitors about how to proceed through the steps of your sales cycle.

It’s about creating the path you want prospective customers to take on your website, building awareness for your product or service until they purchase from you.

The Four Main Stages of inbound Marketing include:

The Attraction Phase – By doing researching on the primary reasons why people become your customers and then including those elements and benefits in your sales messages, you will attract those people who are most likely to buy from you to visit your site. Writing and posting original blog content at least once a week is necessary to improve your Google indexing and search results.

The Conversion Phase – This stage refers to everything you do on landing pages to turn a prospect into a client. Once someone is on your site or a landing page you develop, you can use opt in forms, CTAs (Call to Actions) and special offers to drive your sales numbers. You may want to produce videos or develop ebooks or white papers to help give prospects free, easy information to make an informed decision. They must get comfortable enough to say “yes”… and think and feel that are making a good decision.

The Closing Stage – This stage happens right before the sale. To be successful in winning new business, you may want to offer opportunities to go more in-depth with your prospects by offering video conferences, demos and/or webinars to answer any questions or concerns. Engaging people online is the name of the game in inbound content marketing.

The analogy certainly holds true.,,

In inbound marketing, you move from meeting a potential partner, to dating, to sealing the deal in a long-term relationship or marriage.

Investing your company’s time and money into creating a strategic content marketing plan is well worth the effort. Trust needs time to cultivate. Always be looking for ways to truly delight your prospects and clients, providing them with even greater value than they expect from you.

You can give your inbound content marketing plan a shot in the arm, too, by sharing the social media messages and events posted by your prospects and customers. Twitter and LinkedIn work well for this added way to build goodwill. Keep your eye on the prize – that is, on the lifetime value of each customer.

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